Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Librum legis repperi (2 Kgs 22:)

I have found the book.

There is a big value of the Holy Bible. Everyone is happy who reads it and finds the message for oneself in it. However, not everyone is aware how important is this book. And even many Christians do not listen carefully when it is read in the church. Nonetheless, there are faithful readers who know the value of the Scripture. They read it with a great respect knowing that it is God speaking through the Bible. Moreover, in the Catholic Church there are special scholars and ministers who are to explain the message from the Bible. And if we are good Christians, we always try to follow their explanation and to do the God's will. Since in the Bible there is something special for each of us, because God wants to talk with us all the time. It is his interest to share with us his wisdom and in such a way to make us joyful. From our part we are to keep his covenant which is very clear and to read God's words in the Scripture.

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