Saturday, June 2, 2012

In Spiritu Sancto orantes (Iud 17:20)

Pray in the Holy Spirit.

The foundation of our relationship with God is faith and it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Although we do not see nor hear the acting of the Spirit, but we are able to feel God's love and mercy. Especially when we are very weak, the Spirit of Christ supports us. Moreover, when we fall down, his grace helps us to stand up. In his presence we can stay unblemished and exultant. And not only our soul is thirsting and waiting for the Spirit of God, but also our body needs the divine strength to move and act, because without it we are lifeless and powerless. Accordingly, all the time we are to pray and to ask for the Holy Spirit. During our prayer in silence we ought to keep faith and hope looking forward to the divine blessing. There we experience our God's kindness and boundless glory. There lifting up our hands and heart we are gifted with the spriritual riches. There we are satisfied and do not need anything more. Our only desire is to be with the Lord and to listen to his voice speaking deeply in our soul. As a result with Christ's word everything what we expect comes and we are fulfiled. Afterwards we want to give thanks to our beloved God.   

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