Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Conquiescite (Ps 4:5)

Reflect in silence.

Sometimes the situation around is extremely difficult and everything seems to be against us. The world, circumstances and the people do not support but disturb with our endeavours. Then our hopes fall down and we are very weak. Subsequently, the fear governs in our heart and mind. In such a situation it is not easy to believe anyone. And often we even lose our faith that God is our help. Nonetheless, God is with us even if we do not feel it and he sends us his angels to encourage and strengthen us. They pray for us and support with their example of faith. They help us to discover the miracles which God performs for us. Also they assure us that God hears our prayers and does act. And that we just need to reflect in silence on God's mercy and his blessings.   

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