Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dominus vocavit me (Is 49:1)

The Lord called me.

God's calling comes to us in various moments of our life. But in every case it is with power and strength. We usually feel unworthy to accept this inner voice but when it is heard, we are to follow it. Our happiness depends on this message and following it is the best choice for our future. Through his word God makes us brave to go and to preach the Gospel. And we cannot find anything better for us than his plan and ordinances. The reason is that when he prepares something for us, it is always for our good. Furthermore, this good news must be shared with others who are also waiting for the divine light. Since all of us are thirsty of God's words and only God understands our deep desires and longings. Moreover, he is the ultimate purpose of our life. He created our inmost being which cannot be satisfied but in him. So it is true that our heart is restless, unless it rests in God.   

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