Thursday, June 7, 2012

Non es longe a regno Dei (Mc 12:34)

You are not far from the kingdom of God.

Often we think that there is a very long way to the heavens. But actually, it is not. The kingdom of God is close at hand. And if we partake in it, we are ready to suffer for Christ the King. If we take the word of God seriously, we can bear everything. Moreover, we are able to sacrifice even our life for the sake of others. In this way we try to obtain the salvation that is in Jesus Christ. Further, if we know that the kingdom of God is so close, we want to live a true Christian life. We confess that Jesus is the Lord in every moment of our life. And we do our best to remain faithful and not to deny him. Also we are witnesses of our Catholic faith everywhere reminding people of the main purpose of life which is to achieve the God's kingdom. In addition, we ask our Lord to guide us always in his truth and to teach us his divine love. Because we too would like to be humble and just for one another. Overall, we strive to keep friendship with the Lord and to love everyone as he has beloved us. The reason is that it is the most important commandment in the Scripture which leads us closer toward the promised kingdom.

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