Saturday, June 30, 2012

Infirmitates nostras accepit (Mt 8:17)

Jesus took away our infirmities.

Not only we ourselves have many problems in our life, but also our friends, relatives and acquaintances. Therefore, every day we should come to Jesus to ask him for healing. He knows that we are suffering and sympathises with us. When he sees our humbleness and needs, he always is ready to give us his help. But usually we are not prepared to welcome him in the house of our heart. For that reason, first we are to confess our sinfulness and weakness. Later we are able to listen to his words which are like medicine for us. We do not need more than to hear his gentle voice full of compassion and love. We do not have to speak about everything because he knows it very well. On the contrary, we must maintain in his presence and open ourselves for the divine grace. And if we have enought faith, there is nothing impossible and we can be cured from all deseases and troubles. For Jesus Christ takes away our infirmities, forgives our sins and bears all our problems.  

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