Friday, June 22, 2012

Ubi thesaurus tuus, ibi cor tuum (Mt 6:21)

Where your treasure is, there is your heart.

We people have so many things around us. And sometimes we think they are very important and even we cannot live without them. Hence we forget about the matters of heaven. So Jesus keeps reminding us that our destiny will be fulfiled in the heavens. The reason is that here on the earth we still live as if in the darkness. We are not able to see clearly nor recognize the hidden meaning of events and things. Therefore we need a light from Chirst who teaches us in the gospel what is the most important. Furthermore, he leads us out of the darkness of our mischief and sins. He wants us to go through our life with the happy heart. Moreover he promises that he will never let us walk alone. On the contrary he is always ready to bless and to support us with his grace. The only thing we ought to do is to keep his covenant of love. Since his decrees are easy for everyone who loves God and people. Further, we should also remember that we are chosen by him and he wishes to live in our hearts all the time. It is his greatest pleasure and our best treasure - the heart of Jesus living in our heart...    

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