Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Intrate per angustam portam (Mt 7:13)

Enter through the narrow gate.

The narrow gate of prayer is difficult to go through. However, it is the best way in life. In every situation we are to spend time before God. Especially when trials and troubles come, we should stand in the temple and pray to God. There we are heard and we receive light from above. There we can speak about everything which is important to us. There we can ask for help always. And God our Father is ready to support us his servants. He sends his messangers and angels to bring us strength and to change our situation. He loves us so much that he never leaves us. On the contrary he let us feel his presence and love. Further, he upholds us and takes us on his shoulders when we loose our strength. He is our stronghold and we become stronger and stronger by his grace. For that reason it is so good to enter through the narrow gate of prayer and to thank God for all he has done for us. Though it is never enough praise and glory and thanksgiving to God for all his blessings. 

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