Friday, March 22, 2013

Dominus mecum est (Jer 20:11).

The Lord is with me.

There are many dangers and difficulties in our lives. Every day we experience that we are fragile human beings. But the thought that our Lord is with us all the time gives us hope and strength. Hence we are not afraid of any trouble neither from people nor from the world. Nobody and nothing can prevail us when God is our mighty champion. However, God tests our hearts and probes our minds. He wants us to give testimony to his divine grace. Furthermore, having entrusted him our cause we are to praise him. Since he always rescues our life from the power of wicked. He is our love, stronghold and deliverer. In addition, only he is able to save us from the darkness of death. For these reasons, we, Christians, call upon the Lord in our distress. And our heavenly Father hears us from his holy temple. Then, he sends his Holy Spirit to provide us with everything we need. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Non gustabit mortem in aeternum (Jn 8:52).

He will never taste death.

We are afraid of death. The fear of death makes us stressed so that we cannot enjoy our life. In this context the Son of God comes and brings the new hope. He says that we are able not to see death at all. At first, our reaction is that it is incredible and out of the world. But when we think of it, we get familiar with the idea of immortality. Although all human beings are to die, our soul is to live forever. It is a great dignity and honor that each of us has an immortal spirit. Such a spirit partakes in the Holy Spirit who maintains the existence of the universe. Accordingly, we carry something of divinity in ourselves. Now we are not able to perceive it correctly, but after the death of body our spiritual eyes will be open. Additionally, yet on the earth we can progress in our spirituality not to be scared of death. Since our vocation is enjoying life and in the end possessing the eternal happiness.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vere liberi eritis (Jn 8:36).

You will truly be free.

Faith gives me strength and lets me know the truth. In addition, the words of Scripture enlighten my mind and heart. Listening to them I become a disciple of Jesus and am able to follow the voice of my conscience. In such a way, I am a free man who is not enslaved to anything. However if I commit sin, I am like a slave who is far from satisfaction. Since each sin moves me away from my God and from the people I would like to live with. For that reason, I try my best to be close my Saviour Jesus Christ. The Son of God is the one who can save me and lead me on the right way to salvation. If I did not trust him, I would be a stranger in the world. I would neither know the Father nor be aware of the eternal joy waiting for me in the heavens. But with Jesus, I am able to do the works of holy men and women. Thus, I love my God who has created me and sent me to fulfil his divine will.     

Pater meus es tu (Ps 89:27).

You are my father.

Everyone needs a father to take care of him and to guard him. Such a good father teaches and fulfils all his promises. So his daughters and sons are secured and do not worry about anything. Even if they made a mistake, they could trust in his gentleness. Therefore, there is usually a strong bond between such a father and his children. The reason is that the members of family love one another and share everything. In such a family everyone can experience peace and harmony, because the kindness and friendship are the fundaments of their relationship. Similarly, all Christians can learn from the heavenly Father how to treat people with respect and dignity. Furthermore, they are supposed to apply this attitude in the places where they live and interfere with others. For God is their beloved Father.  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Existimo omnia detrimentum esse (Phil 3:8).

I consider everything as a loss.

I regard many things as important in my life. I even think that I would not be able to prosper without them. All of these articles and matters darken the supreme good which is knowing Christ Jesus the Lord. They are often obstacles in my way of faith. For that reason, I need to accept the loss of all such things so that I could focus only on God. In this way I will be able to gain Christ and be found in him. Consequently, I will become righteous and good for the people who are children of God. Through faith I will know Jesus better and better as well as the power of his resurrection. Moreover, I will manage to suffer his sufferings and enter the kingdom of heaven. With him I will also participate in the resurrection of the dead. Obviously, it is a long run before I attain perfect maturity. But, nonetheless, I continue my persuit in hope that I may possess it or rather be taken up to heaven by the Son of God. Thus, I am going to receive the prize of God's upward calling.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Revelavi causam meam (Jer 11:20).

I have entrusted my cause.

I find it difficult to trust God wholeheartedly. Although there are many troublesome circumstances, I forget to tell him about them. For I prefer solving my problems on my own. I even know that it is my mistake, but, nonetheless, I keep doing so. Therefore, I need to pray more for confidence and often take refuge in my Lord. Otherwise, I will not be able to deal with violence, hatred and competion around me. I can find what is appropriate in my God. Only Jesus Christ is able to show me the way to the innocence and sustain me on it. Moreover, he saves the uprightness of my heart and strengthens me fo follow his example. So I am obliged to entrust him every moment of my life.      

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hunc scimus unde sit (Jn 7:27).

We know where he is from.

Many people live in the world but not everyone knows Jesus. Some of them heard something about him, but do not follow him. Others try to erase him from the history of humankind completely. There are also Christians who read the Gospel but do not care about its message. Even some ministers of the Church are not very eager to preach the Good News wholeheartedly. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ keeps crying out in the temple area and teaching us. He speaks through the Scriptures and holy sacraments. So each of us can get to know him very well. We are explained where to find him and how to fulfil his precepts. Consequently, we are introduced to the mysteries of the Catholic faith. Bit by bit, we progress in the spiritual matters and experience God's presence in our life. Finally, we discover that the Holy Spirit works in us unceasingly. Thus, the truths of faith become the reality of everyday life. With Christ we are able to repeat his words that we come from God who has sent us on earth to attain the salvation.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Venite ad me, ut vitam habeatis (J 5:40).

Come to me to have life.

Following Christ I have a good relationship to God. Since the Holy Spirit guards me in my life and strengthens me all the time. Therefore, I do not count on myself, but on the power of God. Also I know that no one else is able to make me holy and sound. Though there are people who listen to God carefully and fulfil his will, they do not manage to save me. I need someone greater who will be a Saviour of my life. It is Jesus Christ my Lord who gives me the works to accomplish and a special mission to overtake. I hear his voice and look for his face. Also I keep his words in my mind and trust him wholeheartedly. For that reason, I search the Scriptures to find his message which will lead me to the eternal life. Everyday I come to him during the holy sacrament of the altar and in the holy communion I acknowledge my love towards him. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ego non obliviscar tui (iS 49:15).

I will never forget you.

God the Father never forgets me, but I often forget him. I go away and do not hear his voice calling me. I do everything on my own and do not have enough strength. At the same time again and again God asks me to follow his advice. Furthermore, he wants me to be an example for the people who do not believe him. Firstly, he makes me free from my weaknesses and enlightens the path of my life. As a result, I get out of the darkness of sins and am able to receive the divine graces. I do not need anything more while the Holy Spirit is with me. I am sure that my Lord always finds the best way to my heart. Keeping it in mind I preach the Good News to others. I teach them that the Lord comforts his people and shows mercy to his beloved ones all the time.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vis sanus fieri? (Jn 5:6).

Do you want to be well?

The season of Lent is given to us to recover from our various diseases. However, it depends on us whether we are getting better or not. Since we are usually not able to cure ourselves, but we need a physician. So Jesus Christ comes to us to heal our weary bodies and to cleanse our dirty souls. He encourages us to rise from our weaknesses and sins. Also he helps us to take up the mat of distress and to throw it away. As a result, we are able to walk on the way of righteousness. Other people who do not know the Lord are surprised as we manage to overcome the difficulties of life. They prefer to do everything by their own, even though it is rather impossible. On the contrary, as disciples of Christ we do believe in his power and experience it in the temple receiving holy sacraments. There we are taught not to sin any more, so that nothing bad happens to us. Our strength originates from the Holy Spirit who works in us and makes us holy. Thus, God is our refuge and ever-present help in the time of trouble.     

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ego creo caelos novos (Is 65:17).

I am about to create new heavens.

Of course, there are many reasons to be unhappy and sad. Since there are struggles, diseases and sufferings in the world. However, being a Christian you are to have hope that heavenly Father takes care of human beings. For he is omnipotens creating only good things. He wills people to rejoice and to be happy. His aim is to make them joyful and peaceful. But, nonetheless, you are often depressed and feeling a bit low. It means that you need a cure from your Lord. You are to ask him to bring you up from your troubles and sadness. You ought to pray to preserve you from the pessimistic views of the reality you live in. Because you are supposed to sing praise to the Lord for everything he gives you day after day. For only God is able to change your life completely. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dominus ex omnibus terroribus meis eripuit me (Ps 34:5).

The Lord delivered me from all my fears.

I am like a child who does not know what is the best for him. Also I consider a lot and make plans for future trying to organize my own life. At the same time God through the people I meet on the way of my life gives me opportunity to fulfill my ideas. Although the better choice would be to look for the will of God, I make decisions by myself and spend much time on things which are not good for me. Consequently, I still feel short of peace and a severe famine strikes me. I undertake new tasks and duties, but find no accomplishment in them. In my heart there is an insatiable longing for something more. Thus, I realize that material things are not able to satisfy my desires. On the contrary, I do need the relationship that could give me the sense of fulfilment. For that reason, every day I ask my God to deliver me from my loneliness and to have mercy on me. In the holy sacrament of the eucharist, I embrace him with my hands and touch him with my spirit. I speak to my Lord and hear him say that I am his beloved one. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Observaretis et impleretis opere (Dt 4:6).

Observe the statutes carefully.

First of all I am to listen to my conscience carefully. There God himself is speaking to me and keeps teaching me. I should observe his voice to be happy and peaceful. Since he tells me about the right way of life to help me enter the heavenly kingdom. His statutes and decrees are to lead me to the land of holiness which I am going to possess. For that reason, I ought to observe them very carefully as I want to obtain wisdom and intelligence. In addition, I know that God is close to me all the time and especially when I call upon him. I just need to pay attention and be earnestly on my guard not to miss any of his words. Accordingly, I should keep in mind everything which my own eyes have seen from God's grace. Furthermore, I am to bear witness to the great miracles of his presence in my life.

Propter peccata nostra (Dn 3:37)

Because of our sins.

We put ourselves into troubles because of our sins which are the source of anxiety and sadness. We commit sin and after that we are surprised that something wrong is happening in our lives. Therefore, it is very important to know about the consequences of our behaviour. Furthermore, every sin is a matter of the whole community of people. It spreads easely and with lightning speed. Thus, all of us are involved in the ups and downs of the human family. Accordingly, all good deeds of the members of society make it thrive and bad deeds make it crumble. For these reasons, we ought to take responsibility of our behaviour and pray God to have mercy on us. Also we are to follow his precepts unreservedly and with whole heart. As a result, we will never be put to shame nor disappointment. On the contrary, we will be delivered by God's wonders and brought into the glory of the heavenly kingdom.  

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sitivit anima mea ad Deum (Ps 42:3).

My soul longs for you, o God.

There is one main longing in the human heart which is a deep desire to communicate with God. Accordingly, my soul is athirst for the living God. I am not able to find a replacement nor be satisfied with anything else. Therefore, I would like to go and behold the face of my God. But I cannot manage to do it without help from above. I do need the divine light to lead me on and bring me to the holy mountain of God's presence. Though it is a long run to enter his dwelling-place, I do not give up but keep approaching the altar of holy sacrements. There I find my gladness and joy. I give thanks that I am allowed to come close to my Lord. I hope in him and trust in his word because with him there is kindness and plenteous redemption.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Solve calceamentum de pedibus tuis (Ex 3:5).

Remove the sandals from your feet.

I carry out my daily tasks and often forget about the presence of God. But there are also good times when I recognize that he is close at hand. Accordingly, I meet many fascinating and good people who show me that they are God's miracles. Moreover, in the world of nature I am able to find out the extraordinary beauty and significance. I know that I must go to look at these remarkable sights to be enlightened and to achieve wisdom. Since through these people and events God speaks to me and reminds me that he always takes care of me. Also he is listening carefully to the cry of my complaint and suffering. In the holy sacraments he comes down to rescue me from any danger and various troubles. In such a way, he leads me out of my distress, unhappiness and anxiety. In addition, he fills my heart with peace, calmness and joy. It happens when I remove the sandals of unbelief and acknowledge that he is the centre of my life.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

A patre plus cunctis amaretur (Gn 37:4).

Father loved him best.

I am loved by my Father in heaven. This knowledge makes me strong and self-confident. In addition, I do receive from him many graces and blessings. The truth is that I am his chosen one, but it does not mean others to be less important. On the contrary, God loves me best to show me how much I am to love my sisters and brothers. Accordingly, he sends me to the needy who lack of love and friendship. However, people who have not experienced that they are being loved can neither open themselves nor trust one's good intentions. The reason is that men who have been hurt fear to engage in love. They'd rather reject on'e offer to support them. Although, all of us are in need of intimacy, we sometimes prefer to close our heart and suffer loneliness. In such a way, we become more and more empty and dry. As a result, we are even ready to offend others in order to stay in peace. But it cannot change the God's commandments to love one another as much as Father loves us.