Friday, March 1, 2013

A patre plus cunctis amaretur (Gn 37:4).

Father loved him best.

I am loved by my Father in heaven. This knowledge makes me strong and self-confident. In addition, I do receive from him many graces and blessings. The truth is that I am his chosen one, but it does not mean others to be less important. On the contrary, God loves me best to show me how much I am to love my sisters and brothers. Accordingly, he sends me to the needy who lack of love and friendship. However, people who have not experienced that they are being loved can neither open themselves nor trust one's good intentions. The reason is that men who have been hurt fear to engage in love. They'd rather reject on'e offer to support them. Although, all of us are in need of intimacy, we sometimes prefer to close our heart and suffer loneliness. In such a way, we become more and more empty and dry. As a result, we are even ready to offend others in order to stay in peace. But it cannot change the God's commandments to love one another as much as Father loves us. 

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