Thursday, March 14, 2013

Venite ad me, ut vitam habeatis (J 5:40).

Come to me to have life.

Following Christ I have a good relationship to God. Since the Holy Spirit guards me in my life and strengthens me all the time. Therefore, I do not count on myself, but on the power of God. Also I know that no one else is able to make me holy and sound. Though there are people who listen to God carefully and fulfil his will, they do not manage to save me. I need someone greater who will be a Saviour of my life. It is Jesus Christ my Lord who gives me the works to accomplish and a special mission to overtake. I hear his voice and look for his face. Also I keep his words in my mind and trust him wholeheartedly. For that reason, I search the Scriptures to find his message which will lead me to the eternal life. Everyday I come to him during the holy sacrament of the altar and in the holy communion I acknowledge my love towards him. 

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