Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vis sanus fieri? (Jn 5:6).

Do you want to be well?

The season of Lent is given to us to recover from our various diseases. However, it depends on us whether we are getting better or not. Since we are usually not able to cure ourselves, but we need a physician. So Jesus Christ comes to us to heal our weary bodies and to cleanse our dirty souls. He encourages us to rise from our weaknesses and sins. Also he helps us to take up the mat of distress and to throw it away. As a result, we are able to walk on the way of righteousness. Other people who do not know the Lord are surprised as we manage to overcome the difficulties of life. They prefer to do everything by their own, even though it is rather impossible. On the contrary, as disciples of Christ we do believe in his power and experience it in the temple receiving holy sacraments. There we are taught not to sin any more, so that nothing bad happens to us. Our strength originates from the Holy Spirit who works in us and makes us holy. Thus, God is our refuge and ever-present help in the time of trouble.     

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