Sunday, March 17, 2013

Existimo omnia detrimentum esse (Phil 3:8).

I consider everything as a loss.

I regard many things as important in my life. I even think that I would not be able to prosper without them. All of these articles and matters darken the supreme good which is knowing Christ Jesus the Lord. They are often obstacles in my way of faith. For that reason, I need to accept the loss of all such things so that I could focus only on God. In this way I will be able to gain Christ and be found in him. Consequently, I will become righteous and good for the people who are children of God. Through faith I will know Jesus better and better as well as the power of his resurrection. Moreover, I will manage to suffer his sufferings and enter the kingdom of heaven. With him I will also participate in the resurrection of the dead. Obviously, it is a long run before I attain perfect maturity. But, nonetheless, I continue my persuit in hope that I may possess it or rather be taken up to heaven by the Son of God. Thus, I am going to receive the prize of God's upward calling.

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