Saturday, February 28, 2015

Populus sanctus (Dt 26:19).

Christians follow Christ with all their heart and with all their soul. It is their vocation. Accordingly, God is their Father and they walk in his ways. They want to fulfil God's will and observe his statutes and decrees. They try to listen to his words carefully. God promises to support them and raises them hight in praise and glory. As a result, they become a people sacred to the Lord. Moreover, they are blessed because their heart is close to God. They also keep praying so as to be firm in the way of Jesus Christ. They give thanks with an upright heart for they have received a lot from their Father in heaven. In such a way they set a good example for others. They are able to pray for those who persecute them as the Son of God has taught them. Overall, their love is for everyone who lives with them.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Via aequa (Ez 18:29).

The Lenten season is the best time to turn away from all our sins. For fast and prayers help us to change our life for better. We all need such a time to do what is right and just. The reason is that we are weak and commit sins very often. But our God is merciful and in this special time he wants us to live the holy life again. Then he rejoices seeing us changed and purified. Therefore, during the Lent let us cry to the Lord who listens carefully. Surely he will forget if only we ask him to have mercy on us. Let us trust in the Lord and his words wholeheartedly. May our soul wait for his graces and blessings patiently. For with the Lord is kindness and with him is plenteous redemption. And he will redeem us from all our iniquities. Thus we will receive a new heart and a new spirit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Surge, vade (Jon 3:2).

The Lord speaks to you again and again. He reminds you what you are supposed to do. He explains you how you should fulfil his will. Then, you are able to share his message with your sisters and brothers. But the first thing is to be ready for his calling. Moreover, you have to trust his voice in order to act according to the Lord's bidding. You cannot be afraid that the task is too difficult for you. Since nothing is impossible for the person who follows God's ordinances. Obviously, it will take time and you need to be patient to see the miracles of God. Nevertheless, you have to start and go. Immediately you will experience that the Lord is walking with you and supporting you with his divine grace. Consequently, your faith will be stronger and stronger. This will also have an impact on the people around you. Thus, the Lord will be glad that his children are following his commands.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sancti estote (Lv 19:2).

God wants all of us to be holy. It is our vocation and the goal of life. Accordingly, we are to follow the example of the Son of God. Firstly we are to love one another with the sincere heart. This is the most important commandment given us by the Lord. If we trust his words, we attain wisdom and prudence. Moreover, we are joyful and able to share this joy. Also we can easily perceive the needs of others and help them. For our eyes are enlightened by the Spirit of God. We become obedient to the voice of the Lord and ready to fulfil his ordinances. Consequently, the Lord is our rock and redeemer. Thanks to him we understand better the circumstances and look with hope into the future.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fons aquarum (Is 58:11).

Lenten season is the time for silence and prayer. Therefore you need to pay attention while speaking. The reason is to be ready to listen carefully to the needy and God himself. If you do so, you see the light even in the darkness and are optimistic despite the bad circumstances. It is the working of the Holy Spirit in your heart. Thus, you are led and guided by the Lord. Moreover, your inner strength is being renewed and you can share your goodness with the people around you. You are also full of joy and peace which you can share out freely. Thanks to the God's spirit you are the source of happiness and prosperity. Since the Lord is acting and using your hands to restore and rebuild what was ruined. It all is possible if only you honor the word of God and give his message the first place. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ecce adsum (Is 58:9).

During Lent you ought to say sorry for your sins and weaknesses. Afterwards it is easier to seek God and get to know his will. When you regret your mistakes, you gain access to the Lord. Since he is merciful and waits for his children to come back to him. However if you are just focused on your own persuits, you cannot build the good relationships. Moreover if you do not treat well other people, you cannot expect that you will be blessed. Therefore so important is to be gentle and compassionate towards others. There is always something you can do for one another. Your neighbour needs your attention and support. Thus, your obligation on the earth is to take care of the needy who is close to you. If you are helpful, your friends will support you as well. In addition, the Holy Spirit will be acting in you and shining through your good deeds. You will be able to communicate with the Lord who will be at your side all the time.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Diligas Dominum Deum (Dt 30:20).

You are to obey the commandments of the Lord. The first one is to love your God with all your heart. If you love someone, you want to walk together through life. You try to remember all the words of the beloved. The love gives you strength and energy to live and prosper. You are able to fulfill your tasks and overcome all difficulties. Moreover, you do everything with joy and peace in your heart. On the contrary if you decide to close your heart and focus on your own troubles, you will be unhappy. For without love it is impossible to live a good life. However, it depends on you which way you choose for yourself. God invites you to love and be happy. So remember that you are a child of God. Heed his voice and hold fast to him. In such a way, you will find the everlasting happiness in the kingdom of God.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In abscondito (Mt 6:4).

We should do everything for our heavenly Father who created us and the beautiful world. First of all, we are supposed to serve our brothers and sisters who are in need. We ought to perceive their troubles and problems so as to help them. It is the holy will of the Father who sent his beloved Son to do the same on the earth. Secondly, we are to pray and talk with God. For when we spend time on prayer, we are being taught what our obligations are. Our spiritual sight becomes better and deeper. Our concience is enlightened and heart is enkindled. It all happens in the secret part of our soul. There our relationship with God is established. Finally, when we are in union with the Holy Spirit, our appearance is brighter and happier. For the friendship with the Lord has a crutial impact on our whole life. Step by step we become holier and holier in the communion with the Holy Trinity.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quid fecisti? (Gn 4:1).

God blesses you and wants your happiness. If you cooperate with him, you live a joyful life. Moreover, you bring the good fruit of the work of your hands. With other people you build a beautiful and peaceful world. In this world each person has his own place and task. You also are to worship your Creator and to give him thanks. However, some people do it more eagerly than others. It depends on you how strong your faith and the relationship with God are. You are able to choose good and prosper or turn to evil and lose your life. Therefore, so important is to keep close to the Lord and obey his commands. Otheriwise, you can easily commit sins and destroy your conscience. Consequently, you may do terrible things in opposition to God's will. Thus, you are restless and punished. You carry the mark of sadness and anxiety all the time. But your vocation is to love one another and overall God who is your loving Father.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Genu flectens (Mk 1:40).

A Christian is a person who comes to Jesus and kneels down asking him for help. In this way a follower of Christ imitates his Master. For the Son of God was used to pray and to beg his Father for support. He did know that his beloved Father always wanted the best. Nowadays, Jesus is acting through the power of the Holy Spirit. When the Christian prays God is moved with pity, stretches his divine arm and embraces the begger with his holy grace. Consequently, the first gift of the Father is changing and purifying the heart of his children. As a result, they are free from anxiety and disturbance. Afterwards, they are able to see the world and the people with pure eyes. That is why the prayer is so important for the spiritual life. Talking with God really makes the difference in the attitude towards others and oneself.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Virago (Gn 2:23).

You are created to be in the union with God. But first you are to learn how to build the good relations with the other persons. For that reason, God has given you family and friends. However, for some people even these relations are too difficult. Therefore, God has prepared the beautiful world of nature where you live. From the wildlife you can also learn a lot. In this way, step by step you are able to come closer to your Creator. The point is to experience that God is your beloved Father who is taking care of you all the time. Everything he has created is meant to serve the human beings. In this world you can learn how to love and be loved. Thus, you surpass the visible reality and enter the invisible world. For just in the sprituality you may find your real vocation and the source of life. There you rejoice in the presence of your loving Father, his beloved Son and the Spirit of Love.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spiraculum vitae (Gn 2:7).

The Holy Spirit is the breath of God who gives life to the human soul. This divine breath accompanies a human being from the moment of conception. In addition, the Spirit of God penetrates the whole universe and every creature. Consequently, everything can exist in space and time. This is a beautiful world where the presence of God is to be discovered. Every animal, bird and plant speaks misteriously about its Creator. Moreover, all creation shows the secret knowledge of God. However, it often happens that a man is not able to recognize this teaching. He just focuses on himself and his business. He does not want to pay attention to the wonderful order of nature. On the contrary, he prepares his own rules which contradict the God's plan. As a result, he slowly loses the breath of life and starts to die. But his vocation is different. He is supposed to bless and worship the Creator of heaven and earth.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cuncta valde bona (Gn 1:31).

Life is a wonderful gift from God and the beautiful nature speaks about its Creator. Moreover, God sustains the universe and all creatures in the world. In this way he shares his beauty and happiness. He blesses everything and puts it in order. He lets the world and people grow and prosper. He is the guard of his creation. His Holy Spirit dwells among us a pledge of his presence. In the centre of the universe there is a human being. Accordingly, every man is the image of God. Every person is given the dignity of being the ruler of creation. For that reason, he is able to have dominion over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air. All creatures are supposed to serve the humans. The goal of all human generations is to find their Creator and to pay him homage. For all people have been created so as to become holy and live forever. God has granted us all capabilities to attain it. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

In principio Deus (Gn 1:1).

There is always God in you. Even if you feel depressed and darkness surrounds you. Even if you do not see the sense of your life. Despite the bad circumstances, the mighty Spirit dwells in your heart. And the point is to discover this divine light in your soul. Since this light comes from the Holy Spirit. Thus, deep in you there is the source of goodness and beauty. There you can recognize what you are supposed to do so as to fulfill the will of your Creator. It is the most important task for whole your life. In this way, you are able to overcome the difficulties of the earthly life and come closer to the heavenly homeland. For it is your vocation to become the member of everlasting reality in the kingdom of God. Your humanity is a great gift from the heavenly Father but your spirit is the greatest treasure you have received. In your soul you can prepare the beautiful fruit for your Creator as the Word of God has taught you.

Nearness // Jenn Johnson // We Will Not Be Shaken

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hostia laudis (Heb 13:15).

As God's creatures we are to praise our Creator for everything we have received from him. In addtion we should be good as he is good. We are to share with each other these gifts we have been granted. In this way we appeal to God because we behave like his children. Similarly we are to be obedient to our parents and teachers. Since they also want to take care of us and help us live a good life on the earth. As a result, we are happy and joyful. Moreover, there is peace in our hearts. For we do God's will and build solidarity among people. The Son of God lived this kind of life when he was among us. And the Father rewarded him for his troubles and difficulties. Accordingly, each of us is supposed to follow the example of Jesus Christ so as to enter the kingdom of God. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Caritas fraternitatis (Heb 13:1).

Love is the centre of Christian life. Accordingly, we are supposed to love each other in order to show our love towards God. Since when we meet another person, we also meet the Lord hidden in him. In this way other people might be angels of God's love to us. Especially, those who suffer remind us about the pain of the Son of God. Helping them we do our Lord a favour. Moreover, we ourselves carry the image of God in our heart. Thus, the Christian marriage is the picture of the divine love of the Holy Trinity. However, some people destroy their similarity to God by sins and immoral life. It happens that they love things more than persons. They forget about their dignity of being sons and daughters of God. Nonetheless, the heavenly Father loves them very much and always is ready to have mercy on them. For that reason, we ought to love him even more and treat other people as our brothers and sisters. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ad Sion montem (Heb 12:22).

You Christian are able to approach the Son of God. For he became man to be with you. Consequently, you can see him, find him and hear him. You do not have to be afraid of God any more. Since Jesus Christ is gentle and compationate. He gathers all people and angels in the kingdom of God. He makes them holy and perfect. Accordingly, you can experience his mercy within his temple. There you can also praise him and come closer to your God. Obviously, it takes time and effort but is worth doing. Eventually, you will experience how good God is for you and all his children. When you hear his voice and see his face, you are the happiest person in the world. The reason is that you feel the divine love in your heart which makes you firm. As a result, you also want to go and preach the Good News about Christ who is the Lord.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gressus rectos facite (Heb 12:13).

As a child of God you are supposed to be obedient. For your heavenly Father tries to teach you and to lead you through life. He does it because he loves you. He wants all his beloved children to be holy and perfect. For that reason, all things which happen in your life are to strengthen you and to enable you to follow his commandments. Perhaps you do not find them easy but still you must remember they are for your good. You are a human being and that is why you may experience weaknesses and sometimes make mistakes. Nonetheless, you are invited to make straight your paths and always come back to the Lord. In this way you will return to your inner peace and become better. Eventually, you will be able to communicate with the Holy Spirit and receive the grace of God. Thus, you will bless the Lord in your soul for all his benefits. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aspicientes in ducem (Heb 12:2).

Jesus Christ is the centre of life for all Christians. Obviously, they have much more witnesses but he is the One they ought to follow. Accordingly, they are to live without sins so as to imitate their leader and perfecter of faith. Also they should not be afraid of suffering and difficulties. Since everything helps those who keep their eyes fixed on the Son of God. The point is to enter the heavenly kingdom and join the company of holy people and angels. For that reason, they can neither be weary nor lose heart. Although the circumstances are not confortable for Christians, they are to make their best to become holy. They are on the earth to give testimony for Christ and to praise him with all their heart and soul. Their hearts should be ever merry and full of divine love. In this way, all people will be told of the Lord who has come to save the world.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Ignis conflans (Mal 3:2).

God always sends us messengers in order to prepare the way for himself. Since he wants to come and abide with his children. He usually comes to the human heart which is similar to the holy temple. There is also the special place where a man may meet with his God. In our inner self we are able to desire a deep relationship with the Lord. However, not all of us are ready for such a relation. For the Holy Spirit comes like a refiner's fire so as to purify our heart with the divine love. The reason is to make us holy and perfect in this life. In addtion, we are to experience that we are the beloved children of our heavenly Father. As a result, we should praise the Lord for his gifts and graces.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Propheta de gente tua (Dt 18:15).

God sends us his prophets all the time. They are the holy people who lead and teach us his precepts. Obviously, the Lord can speak to the human heart directly, but just few people are prepared for this way. For usually is it easier to listen to the other person than God himself. And God agrees to share his commandments through the holy men and women. Thus, he puts his words in their mouth so that the ordinary people could follow his ordinances. However, human beings are stubborn and often prefer to go their own ways. Moreover, they harden their hearts and are focused on their own business. For that reason, nowadays we need to try to be open for the God's voice in the preaching of others and in our own hearts. Since this is the only solution to find happiness and peace in our life. Without his holy will is it impossible neither rest nor rejoice.