Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spiraculum vitae (Gn 2:7).

The Holy Spirit is the breath of God who gives life to the human soul. This divine breath accompanies a human being from the moment of conception. In addition, the Spirit of God penetrates the whole universe and every creature. Consequently, everything can exist in space and time. This is a beautiful world where the presence of God is to be discovered. Every animal, bird and plant speaks misteriously about its Creator. Moreover, all creation shows the secret knowledge of God. However, it often happens that a man is not able to recognize this teaching. He just focuses on himself and his business. He does not want to pay attention to the wonderful order of nature. On the contrary, he prepares his own rules which contradict the God's plan. As a result, he slowly loses the breath of life and starts to die. But his vocation is different. He is supposed to bless and worship the Creator of heaven and earth.

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