Monday, February 9, 2015

In principio Deus (Gn 1:1).

There is always God in you. Even if you feel depressed and darkness surrounds you. Even if you do not see the sense of your life. Despite the bad circumstances, the mighty Spirit dwells in your heart. And the point is to discover this divine light in your soul. Since this light comes from the Holy Spirit. Thus, deep in you there is the source of goodness and beauty. There you can recognize what you are supposed to do so as to fulfill the will of your Creator. It is the most important task for whole your life. In this way, you are able to overcome the difficulties of the earthly life and come closer to the heavenly homeland. For it is your vocation to become the member of everlasting reality in the kingdom of God. Your humanity is a great gift from the heavenly Father but your spirit is the greatest treasure you have received. In your soul you can prepare the beautiful fruit for your Creator as the Word of God has taught you.

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