Friday, February 20, 2015

Ecce adsum (Is 58:9).

During Lent you ought to say sorry for your sins and weaknesses. Afterwards it is easier to seek God and get to know his will. When you regret your mistakes, you gain access to the Lord. Since he is merciful and waits for his children to come back to him. However if you are just focused on your own persuits, you cannot build the good relationships. Moreover if you do not treat well other people, you cannot expect that you will be blessed. Therefore so important is to be gentle and compassionate towards others. There is always something you can do for one another. Your neighbour needs your attention and support. Thus, your obligation on the earth is to take care of the needy who is close to you. If you are helpful, your friends will support you as well. In addition, the Holy Spirit will be acting in you and shining through your good deeds. You will be able to communicate with the Lord who will be at your side all the time.

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