Sunday, February 1, 2015

Propheta de gente tua (Dt 18:15).

God sends us his prophets all the time. They are the holy people who lead and teach us his precepts. Obviously, the Lord can speak to the human heart directly, but just few people are prepared for this way. For usually is it easier to listen to the other person than God himself. And God agrees to share his commandments through the holy men and women. Thus, he puts his words in their mouth so that the ordinary people could follow his ordinances. However, human beings are stubborn and often prefer to go their own ways. Moreover, they harden their hearts and are focused on their own business. For that reason, nowadays we need to try to be open for the God's voice in the preaching of others and in our own hearts. Since this is the only solution to find happiness and peace in our life. Without his holy will is it impossible neither rest nor rejoice.

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