Friday, February 6, 2015

Caritas fraternitatis (Heb 13:1).

Love is the centre of Christian life. Accordingly, we are supposed to love each other in order to show our love towards God. Since when we meet another person, we also meet the Lord hidden in him. In this way other people might be angels of God's love to us. Especially, those who suffer remind us about the pain of the Son of God. Helping them we do our Lord a favour. Moreover, we ourselves carry the image of God in our heart. Thus, the Christian marriage is the picture of the divine love of the Holy Trinity. However, some people destroy their similarity to God by sins and immoral life. It happens that they love things more than persons. They forget about their dignity of being sons and daughters of God. Nonetheless, the heavenly Father loves them very much and always is ready to have mercy on them. For that reason, we ought to love him even more and treat other people as our brothers and sisters. 

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