Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Omnis sacerdos (Heb 10:11).

Every priest is to follow Jesus Christ in his ministry. That is to offer sacrifices for sins and to sanctify people who come to the church. These holy mysteries are celebrated in order to prepare believers for the everlasting happiness in the kingdom of God. Through the sacraments all faithful people are being consecrated. Since the priestly service makes the Holy Spirit come to the hearts of men. In such a way, God's commandments are written upon their minds.
Therefore, it is so important to pray for good priests and ministers in the Church. They are especially needed in the places where people are loosing their faith. It is necessary to have there such religious Christians who will ask God for forgiveness and many other graces. For without priests there is nobody else who could lead people to the spriritual life. And the vocation of all children of God is to become holy and to experience the joy of being loved by him. So let us pray for the sacred pastors who will help Christians go deeper in the relationship with God, the Father.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mysteria regni caelorum (Mt 11:25).

Faith is a great mystery. For here on earth many things are hidden from our human sight. Just people who are mystics are able to come closer to the very image of God. However, in the holy sacraments each of us has a share in the divine graces. First of all, in the sacrament of reconciliation we are cleansed from our sins and weaknesses. As a result, we are well prepared to fulfill the will of God. It means that in our Christian life we can follow our Lord, Jesus Christ. Yet, because we are still weak and commit sins, the Son of God gives us himself in the holy Eucharist. Thus, we are being consecrated through the offering of his Body and Blood. Later, we are also invited to meditate and contemplate the great mysteries of our faith. During such a prayer, we may experience the goodness and sweetness of the Holy Spirit abiding in our hearts. Consequently, we start singing songs of praise and hymns to our God. For we are inwardly convinced of the fire of eternal love. Eventually, we become witnesses of Christ's kindness and truth in the world. Therefore we say: "Blessed are you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth; you have revealed to little ones the mysteries of the Kingdom".

Monday, January 26, 2015

Melioribus hostiis (Heb 9:23).

Christ is the person to help you in the relation with the Father. He is also the One who promised you the eternal inheritance in the Father's house. For he always remains in the deep communion with the Father and is the mediator between the world and God. The Holy Spirit is the One who sanctifies and keeps their Unity. Thus, the Holy Trinity surrounds you with its love and grants you numberless blessings. In addtion, Jesus takes away your sins by his sacrifice. Every day you are supported and strengthened by him. Since he comes to bring salvation and to make you holy. He waits for you all the time and invites you to follow him. Thanks to him so many miracles happen in your life. Through his sacraments you can experience his tender arm embracing you. In the Eucharist he gathers his disciples and reveals himself. There you are able to enter into intimate relationship with him. There you can rejoice and find peace in the Spirit of Christ. As a result, you are singings and praising your God with melodious songs. For you are united with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sancta Sanctorum (Heb 9:3).

Nowadays the Holy Place is in every church where the Eucharist is celebrated. There is the altar where the bread and wine are being offered. Behind it there is usually the tabernacle with the Holy of Holies. And Jesus Christ comes regularly to the community of believers who gather in his holy name. He always brings the good things which we need most. He pours hope and love into our heart if only it is open for his graces. Moreover, his great desire is to find a place in the tabernacle of the heart which is not made by human hands. He does not belong to this creation and he overcomes the created beings. But he knows very well our condition since he lived among us. He has loved us so much that he gave his own life on the cross. In his holy Blood the humanity is cleansed and prepared for the eternal happiness. Thus, our consciences are ready to worship the living God. So let us shout to God with cries of gladness and thank him for such awesome miracles.

Friday, January 23, 2015

In corde eorum (Heb 8:10).

Following Jesus means doing a ministry. First, the ministry for God and then the  ministry for people. This ministry has its source in the commandment of love. Moreover, it comes from the deep relationship with the Father. For it is also about fulfiling the will of God. Therefore, so important is to recognize the Spirit's voice in the heart. The Holy Spirit who teaches that everyone belongs to God. Although it is not easy to open oneself for that truth. Accepting it changes the whole perspective and hierarchy in the life. Thus, people understand that they are children of God. Also they become more and more kind to each other. Justice and peace find place among them. For God blesses and supports them in their endeavours. Consequently, they progress in their spiritual life which has its effect on their daily choices. Eventually, they achieve the everlasting award in the kingdom of God.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Semper vivens (Heb 7:25).

If you feel lonely, come to Jesus and speak to him. If you are weak, approach him and tell him about it. Since he is always waiting for you so as to save you. He is still alive and close to you but you forget about this truth. He wants to make you holy, innocent and undefiled. Further, he does help you overcome sin and weakness in your life. He tries to take you up despite your stubborness and laziness. By his testimony you can learn how to offer yourself totally. Thanks to him you know that you are a child of God. Accordingly, your aim is to take part in the joy of the heavenly kingdom. You are supposed to join the community of saints and angels. There you will worship God in the Spirit of Christ. However, now you are on the way to the house of your Father. For that reason, your task is to fulfill the commandments of the Lord. It is also the best way to do the will of God.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Assimilatus Filio Dei (Heb 7:3).

You are called to bless the people around you and to share with them everything good. Consequently, you will also be blessed by them and experience their goodness. Since you are a child of God who is always good and righteous. In addition, you are created to attain his divine peace and be the source of peace to the world. In this way, you can follow the example of the Son of God. Thus, you can participate in the same Spirit of life who comes from God. Over all, you will live forever according to the Scripture. For that reason, remember that you are to enter the heavenly kingdom. There, you will be among the holy people and angels. So wonderful is your vocation! The Bible reminds you about it. Moreover, the Son of God supports you through the sacraments of the Church. He strengthens you in your weakness and cures you from your sin. You are not to be afraid but just come to him for help. He'd rather save your life than destroy it. In him you will find refuge and power to become a witness in this world.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ancora animae (Heb 6:19).

God the Father does appreciate the love and service of his children. First, he teaches us his divine love through the example of his Son and then invites us to follow him. For that reason, we are supposed to love eagerly one another and God himself. There are many holy women and men who follow Jesus in this way. Thus they inherit God's promises through their faith and patience.
Furthermore, God keeps a very personal relationship with us. He wants to speak to our heart and mind directly. His words are always full of blessings and encouraging for something more. Since he knows the best what is the most fragile in each person. Accordingly as a beloved Father, he tries to embrace and heal us. The only thing we should do is waiting patiently for his miracles. 
God's love towards us never changes. It is just our attitude which may be altered. His words and oath are certain, but ours often fail. However, if we trust him completely, we have a secure anchor of the soul. As a result, we do not have to worry, because our hope is placed in the hands of faithful Father.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Filius meus (Heb 5:5).

As Christian you are chosen from among people to be a representative before God. First of all, you are to offer prayers for your own sins. Then, you can pray and support others in their relationship with God. You ought to be very patient and understand that all human beings are weak. Nonetheless, you are called by God to become an example and show your friends that it is possible to overcome their weaknesses. You have received the great honor but also responsibility for others. Therefore, you are supposed to imitate Christ in your life. He was proud of being the Son of Go and all the time remained in the deep relation with his Father. Further, he was not ashamed of tears and suffering. On the contrary, he learned obedience from what he suffered. In such a way, you are also able to progress in holiness and be perfect. Obviously not by your own, but with the power of the Holy Spirit. Eventually, you will seat among the angels and saints in the heavenly kingdom. It is your vocation from the beginning of creation and the will of your Father who has loved you so much. This plan will not change unless you decide something different.

Invenimus Messiam (J 1:41).

If you started following Jesus in your life, you must keep eye-contact with Him. Every day He turns and sees you following Him. But the point is whether you turn to Him and see Him leading you. Because if you loose Him from your sight, you are lost in your tasks and daily routine. 
Jesus always asks: What are you looking for? And you are supposed to give the answer. Is it Jesus who is the most important figure in your life? Or is He the last one? If you find time to be with Him in the silence of your heart, He will invite you to come and see the miracles. But remember, you need to make Him the Lord of your whole life. Just come closer to Him and see the miracles happen. You might be really surprised how much your life can be changed. 
Finally, when you have experienced the happiness of being with Jesus, you will be able to share this joy with others. They need the Lord in their lives too. Start with your friends and relatives who are close to you and tell them: I have found the Messiah who is Christ. Then bring them to Jesus and He will also make miracles with them.

Friday, January 16, 2015

In re quiem eius (Heb 4:1).

God invites us to His peace and teaches how to remain in it. First, we are to be on our guard. We should not allow our thoughts lead us apart from His love. Otherwise, we will always be focused on ourselves and our troubles. He promised us that we are able to enter into His rest. Therefore, we make our effort to meditate on His words from the Holy Bible. There is our Good News where we are to start from. Secondly, it is good to listen to the words of God in the community. For the community of believers helps us to enkindle the sacred fire in our hearts. When we are united in faith, the Spirit of God works among us and leads us closer to the Lord. Without His grace we are not able to find peace at all. Finally, we ought to rejoice and recognize the great works of the Lord in our life. Moreover, we are invited to share our joy with the people around us. In this way, the Good News will be spread through the world.

Sanctus Arnold Janssen!

Loving God,
In your infinite love, you have given us the gift of faith in Jesus Christ, your Son. We thank you for St. Arnold Janssen whom you called to bring the faith in the areas where the Gospel has not been preached. We praise you for the Missionary Congregations of St. Arnold – the Divine Word Missionaries, the Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit, and Perpetual Adoration Sisters. Your Word and your Spirit inspired the pioneer Divine Word Missionaries and Holy Spirit Sisters of many nations to share the struggle for freedom from the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief through the light of Christ. We glorify you for the wonders you have worked through them in many nations.
We pray for all the priests, brothers and sisters of the three Missionary Congregations. Bless and empower them with your Spirit. Through the intercession of St. Arnold, bless our family members, so that we may come to realize and live our Christian vocation profoundly and give witness to Christ. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Venite post me (Mk 1:17).

Every day we hear a lot of bad news from the mass-media. Also we often share with each other the bad news. However, Jesus comes in the Gospel and does something different. He proclaims the Good News from God. Let us think for a while how He is able to do so? Since His relative - John had just been arrested and persecuted. Is it not the bad news Jesus is supposed to share with others? No, not at all. He was sent by God and strengthened by the Holy Spirit to preach the Kingdom of God which is close at hand. Therefore He spends nights praying and talking with his Father  in order to be able to walk along by the Sea of Galilee and to call apostles. Is it not also our Christian vocation to follow His example? It means walking through life and inviting your neighbours and friends to come to the Church. Moreover, finding the way how to make them leave their busy life and to show them the new horizons you have already discovered. In such a way, you might be the disciples of Christ nowadays.

The River by Brian Doerksen

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oves non habentes pastorem (Mk 6:34).

Jesus wants to step into your life. However, first you are to invite Him to become the centre of your heart. Because He only goes into when you allow Him enter. Since He is as gentle as the beloved who asks for your permission. When you let Him gwhen o in, He will take care of you and make order in your past and present life. He sees more than others and even more than you are able to perceive. He knows very well your troubles, weaknesses and sins. Nevertheless, He is very merciful and like a good phisician wants to cure you. Moreover, He is worried because you are like sheep without a shepherd. You live by your own and according to your plans not trusting Him at all. Therefore, again and again He tries to teach you deep in your heart. It depends on you if you are ready to listen carefully.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Deus caritas est (1 J 4:8).

From the Bible we know about two most important commandments. First is to love God wholeheartedly and second to love ano another. These two commandments are inseperable because love is of God. It means that God is the source and origin of love. Therefore, as we love we are begotten by God and we know Him. As children of God we know that our Father is Love Himself. Thus, we are not only children of the love of our parents but also of our God. And our similarity to God is our love in our hearts.