Monday, January 12, 2015

Venite post me (Mk 1:17).

Every day we hear a lot of bad news from the mass-media. Also we often share with each other the bad news. However, Jesus comes in the Gospel and does something different. He proclaims the Good News from God. Let us think for a while how He is able to do so? Since His relative - John had just been arrested and persecuted. Is it not the bad news Jesus is supposed to share with others? No, not at all. He was sent by God and strengthened by the Holy Spirit to preach the Kingdom of God which is close at hand. Therefore He spends nights praying and talking with his Father  in order to be able to walk along by the Sea of Galilee and to call apostles. Is it not also our Christian vocation to follow His example? It means walking through life and inviting your neighbours and friends to come to the Church. Moreover, finding the way how to make them leave their busy life and to show them the new horizons you have already discovered. In such a way, you might be the disciples of Christ nowadays.

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