Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ancora animae (Heb 6:19).

God the Father does appreciate the love and service of his children. First, he teaches us his divine love through the example of his Son and then invites us to follow him. For that reason, we are supposed to love eagerly one another and God himself. There are many holy women and men who follow Jesus in this way. Thus they inherit God's promises through their faith and patience.
Furthermore, God keeps a very personal relationship with us. He wants to speak to our heart and mind directly. His words are always full of blessings and encouraging for something more. Since he knows the best what is the most fragile in each person. Accordingly as a beloved Father, he tries to embrace and heal us. The only thing we should do is waiting patiently for his miracles. 
God's love towards us never changes. It is just our attitude which may be altered. His words and oath are certain, but ours often fail. However, if we trust him completely, we have a secure anchor of the soul. As a result, we do not have to worry, because our hope is placed in the hands of faithful Father.

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