Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oves non habentes pastorem (Mk 6:34).

Jesus wants to step into your life. However, first you are to invite Him to become the centre of your heart. Because He only goes into when you allow Him enter. Since He is as gentle as the beloved who asks for your permission. When you let Him gwhen o in, He will take care of you and make order in your past and present life. He sees more than others and even more than you are able to perceive. He knows very well your troubles, weaknesses and sins. Nevertheless, He is very merciful and like a good phisician wants to cure you. Moreover, He is worried because you are like sheep without a shepherd. You live by your own and according to your plans not trusting Him at all. Therefore, again and again He tries to teach you deep in your heart. It depends on you if you are ready to listen carefully.

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