Friday, May 31, 2013

Laetare et exsulta in omni corde (Zep 3:15).

Be glad and exult with all your heart.

Christian is to be happy because every moment he receives the grace of God. Like the Blessed Mary who conceived thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit. For that reason, each of us ought to rejoice and be thankful to the Lord. Since everyone takes more from God than gives. Everyday each man is being granted many blessings so that he can live and fulfill his vocation. It happens because the divine grace works in human hearts all the time. Thus, a child of God should neither worry nor fear. Since a mighty Saviour is on the Christian side and always guards him through the holy angels. For God created men in order that they may be glad and obtain the eternal happiness. Overall, the disciples of Christ are to love one another and to follow the example of their Master. As a result, they will sing joyfully at present and afterwards in the heavenly kingdom with all saints and angels.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quam desiderabilia omnia opera eius (Sir 42:23).

How beautiful are all his works.

I can see God in the created world. Since he is hidden in all his works and everything has a mark of his mighty Word. Without his grace nothing can exist. Accordingly, I act and do his will because he supports me. Furthermore, I perceive his glory around me all the time. Although I am unable to see all his miracles which have happened in my entire life, I stand firm thanks to his strength. In addition, I feel his presence in my heart and the Holy Spirit abides in me. Even though I do not understand myself, he possesses all knowledge about my inner life. Thus, I am secure for he knows and prepares the best future for me. For that reason I entrust my whole life to the Lord and reveal him my deepest secrets. Nobody else is able to help me but Jesus Christ who gave his life in order that I could be saved. In him I have the best friend and councelor who cares for me and advises on what I should do. Therefore, I am grateful for all his beautiful deeds and wonders which I have experienced throughout my life. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Respice nos (Sir 36:1).

Come to our aid.

I depend on God and his grace. Consequently, I ask him to look upon me and guard me all the time. Also I pray him to show new wonders and strengthen my faith. Since I am divided into parts and need the Lord to unite me. Moreover, I always beg for the divine mercy in order to be called a beloved child of the Father. Just in this way I can form a holy temple as I am supposed to do. I know for sure that he has already supported me but am still in need. So I place my trust in God and wait for the fulfilment of his prophecies. Overall, I am certain that he will hear my prayer and be gracious to me.    

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nos dimisimus omnia (Mk 10:28).

We have given up everything.

God is everything for me. Therefore I need nothing. However, I sometimes forget about it and long for many things. That is a reason I am often unhappy and unsatisfied. Although I know I have given up earthly matters to follow Jesus, I come back to human thinking. I would like to replace the spiritual need with the natural thirst for pleasure. But there is no sense in such endeavours. For I am not able to find anything on the earth what would satisfy my soul desire. On the contrary, my heart can be at ease only in God. Furthermore, when I am with the Lord neither persecutions nor any other troubles may destroy the inner peace of mine. Accordingly I am sure that I walk the right path to the eternal life. As a result, I am not afraid that anything wrong happens to me. Since being upright I am granted the securing power of God.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Omnis igne salietur (Mk 9:49).

Everyone will be salted with fire.

Although I strongly believe in God, I need to be enkindled with the fire of the Holy Spirit. For even though I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, I am still afraid to give testimony in some situations. Sometimes I am very scared and unable to preach the Gospel to others. Therefore, I crave for the power from heaven. Also on my own I am very susceptible of sin and can fall easily. On the one side my body longs for pleasure and merriment. On the other my soul is often depressed and unsatisfied. For these reasons, I keep on looking for the Kingdom of God and abiding with my Lord. I am convinced that I will find inner peace and everlasting happiness in God. I eagerly try to be close to Jesus as I know that in him the source of my life is. Overall, I ask him to watch over me wherever I go.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sapientia vitam inspiravit (Sir 4:12).

Wisdom breathes life.

All of us need wisdom in daily life. She is necessary not only in the relations with God but also with people. Therefore, we are supposed to look for her in order to become more mature and responsible. If we attain such wisdom, we live better life and are closer to others. Furthermore, with wisdom we gain manifold blessings from the Lord. Sinse wisdom has her source in the Holy Spirit who comes from heaven. For that reason, we are to love her as well as the Giver of wisdom. As a result, we will be able to live a holy life and to serve the needy. The point is to trust her completely and to know where she originates from. Consequently, the lover of wisdom will not be afraid of her discipline, because he will be sure that in such a way she grants him happiness.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

Omnis sapientia a Domino Deo (Sir 1:1).

All wisdom comes from the Lord.

Blessed Mary Mother of God is the wisest person who has ever lived on the earth. Her wisdom was based on the grace of the Holy Spirit. She was perfectly connected with God all her life and took advantage of it. She was able to perceive the divine signs in the daily life and read what they meant. Supported by the countless blessings from the Lord she recognized the deep meaning of everything what was happening around her. Her prudent understanding helped her to become the example for all their adopted children. Since she listened to the word of God wholeheartedly and in such a way found her vocation. She knew the subtleties of the Scripture and always followed the will of God. She descoverd that only God is the One who can perform miracles. The Most High was awe-inspiring and all-powerful who created her through the Holy Spirit. Thus, she is the Holy Mother of Church who intercedes for us all the time. 

Dies Pentecostes (Act 2:1).

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Constans esto! (aCTS 23:11).

Take courage.

As human being I am very weak and poor. But my Lord keeps on reminding me that I can be strong and sound. So I pray in order to get his help. Since I know that I am not able to be holy without his grace. Also I am sure that all what is good comes from God. For that reason, I thank and bless him wholeheartedly. In addition, I place my hope in him and ask to keep me safe in his hands. Consequently, my heart is glad and my soul rejoices. Even my body rests in peace, because I am secure under the guidance of my Lord. His Holy Spirit supports me and makes my life easier. Moreover, he shows me the right path to fulfill my vocation. Therefore, I take courage and carry on following Jesus Christ as I am supposed to do.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Unum sicut nos (Jn 17:12).

As we are one.

We are to live in the communion with God, because it is the foundation to be happy and peaceful. Otherwise, we are anxious on our own and unable to fulfill our vocation. Yet with Jesus in heart we are being protected from evil and sin. Consequently, we share divine joy and spread it around us. For the Word of God strengthens us and enlightens our ways. Thus, we are not afraid and face all the difficulties with ease. Therefore, the point is to keep close to our Lord and to belong to him completely. Only with Jesus Christ we can overcome the Evil One who is tempting us all the time. Furthermore, we are consecrated in the Spirit of truth in order that we live in the world and proclaim the Good News as the members of the Catholic Church. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Qui fecit utraque unum (Eph 2:14).

Who made us both one.

As human beings we are divided not only into body and soul, but also into different groups. It is very difficult for us to join these parts together. For that reason, Jesus comes to make us one. He knows that as long as we are separated, we are weak and fragile. Nevertheless our vocation is to live in unity and to be strong, we are miserably broken. Nonetheless we want to build one body, we have no power to attain it. We lack inner peace and are unable to recover it. Therefore, we need so much the healing power of the cross. Only through it we have access in one Spirit to the Father. Without it we are still strangers and sinners. Just in Jesus we can become saints and members of the household of God. Jesus Christ is the foundation of our faith and hope so that we might join together and grow into a holy temple. In him we are being built together into a dwelling place of God by the Spirit. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ego vici mundum (Jn 16:33).

I have conquered the world.

Jesus Christ is speaking to us plainly and supports his speech with marvellous deeds. We can experience it personally and be strengthened by him. Although our faith is to grow every day by the power of his Spirit, we sometimes leave our Lord and follow our own ideas. It usually leads us to trouble and makes our life more and more complecated. Therefore, the best solution is to come back to Jesus who is always with his Father and has prepared the most fascinating perspective for us. Since his aim is to grant us his divine peace and to fulfill our hearts with happiness. Just with him, we can conquer everything and become holy as he likes. Accordingly, we rejoice and exult before God. For we are raised with Christ and enabled to seek what is in the heavens. There Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God with all angels and saints. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Noli timere (Acts 18:9).

Do not be afraid.

There is no point to worry nor to be afraid, because our Lord is able to change everything into good for us. Furthermore, all events in our lives are necessary to teach us and to strengthen our faith. Although some of them are unpleasant, we need to experience them in order to become mature. Afterwards we are usually wiser and closer to God. We are also supposed to be in union with our Lord so that nobody could take our joy away from us. Since our vocation is to rejoice and to praise our Creator who wants us to be joyful and secure. Consequently, we are peaceful in his arms knowing that he takes care for us. Thus, we overcome all the difficulties keeping in mind the promises of our God and walking through life with the power of his Holy Spirit.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Et iterum modicum (Jn 16:17).

A little while later.

Our life on the earth lasts only a little while. Even though we seem to have a lot of time, it passes away very quickly and any moment we may see our God face to face. Nonetheless, we are not used to meditate on such things which are strange for us. Obviously, we ask many questions, but we are not able to answer them on our own. We also do not understand the Gospel and its truths. Therefore, we look for some explanation and find it in Jesus Christ. For he is the one who showed us the way to truth and life. Moreover, he did wondrous deeds and won victory over death. He made his salvation known to us and revealed his justice. From him we learn kindness and faithfulness towards God and other people. We are thankful waiting for the meeting with him in the heavenly kingdom. Meanwhile, we are going and preaching to all people that the Lord is always with us until the end of the world. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Superstitiosiores vos video (Acts 17:22).

You are very religious.

We are created as religious creatures. Therefore, we are looking for God even though we have not seen him yet. However, we are not able to live without his divine grace which works in us all the time. Accordingly, we worship him and want to have a good relationship with our Creator. Furthermore, we recognize his presence in heaven and on the earth. Thanks to him we have life and breath and everything. For these reasons, we know for certain that he is not far from any one of us. Overall, we are supposed to be similar to him and to communicate with him. Consequently, we are to become holy as he is holy himself. As a result, we will live forever with him in his kindom.   

Monday, May 6, 2013

Vos testimonium perhibetis (Jn 15:27).

You also testify.

God is present in the world through the Holy Spirit. He also lives in us and fulfills our hearts with love. In such a way, we become witnesses to the Good News. However, some people do not want to accept this message. On the contrary, they make up their own truths and rules. They even fight against the disciples of Jesus Christ. Besides they often think that they are doing something good. But the truth is that they know neither the Father nor his Son. Therefore, it is so important to praise and annouce God in the assembly of people. Furthermore, we are to be glad and to rejoice in the Lord before others. Since the Creator loves and adorns us with many graces. For that reason Christians exult in glory and worship God all the time. Thus, the Spirit of truth is acting among people throughout the world. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Face of Love

I heard you say you would love for a lifetime
Now you complain a liftetime just doesn't feel right for you
Another casualty of casual love
Another soul out of place, a heart that gave up
Why do we break the promises we make?
Are we living for ourselves?

Don't give up on love and throw it all away
Don't give up on love and let it fall away
When did it become so easy to run from your pain
Don't give up on love and throw it all away

I heard you say you can't change a stubborn heart
I can relate 'cause that's how I feel when I talk with you
Why should it take losing everything
To realize it might be time to change?

Your restless heart won't win 'cause you take but you don't give
And you'll keep moving on until you learn what love is
Don't give up on love and throw it all away
Don't give up on love and let it fall away
Don't give up on love

(Spiritus Real)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Manete in dilectione mea (Jn 15:10).

Remain in my love.

Your Creator asks you to remain in his love. Such humility of your Lord should turn your heart to him. Also his commandments are meant to help you to do it. Accordingly Jesus Christ showed you how to love the Father and keep his precepts. If you follow his example, you will be joyful like a beloved child of such a merciful Father. Moreover, you will be eager to preach the Good News to the people. You will sing to the Lord a new love song. Since you will recognize and experience all the blessings you have received. You will not be able not to announce his love day after day. For you will abide in God's presence and live in accordance with his Spirit. Your heart will be purified by the divine grace so that you could be saved. Although you cannot get to know it, unless you fall silent and listen to God's voice speaking in your soul. In such a way you may perceive the signs and wonders of your God.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ego sum vitis vera (Jn 15:1).

I am the true vine.

God is the true source of our lives. Furthermore, he takes care for each of us to make us bear good fruit. It helps us to impove more and more. In such a way he wants to have us holy. Obviously, we can reject his support and try to live without his grace. But it always leads to disaster. For we are created to act according to God's will so that we might enter the heavenly kingdom. Otherwise, we lose the sense of life and do not know where to go. The truth is that we take part in God and without the Holy Spirit we can do nothing. We are supposed to remain in the Lord and to follow his way of life. His words are to be the light for us in our daily endeavours. We ought to ask him whatever we need and it will be done for us if only we obey him.