Monday, May 20, 2013

Omnis sapientia a Domino Deo (Sir 1:1).

All wisdom comes from the Lord.

Blessed Mary Mother of God is the wisest person who has ever lived on the earth. Her wisdom was based on the grace of the Holy Spirit. She was perfectly connected with God all her life and took advantage of it. She was able to perceive the divine signs in the daily life and read what they meant. Supported by the countless blessings from the Lord she recognized the deep meaning of everything what was happening around her. Her prudent understanding helped her to become the example for all their adopted children. Since she listened to the word of God wholeheartedly and in such a way found her vocation. She knew the subtleties of the Scripture and always followed the will of God. She descoverd that only God is the One who can perform miracles. The Most High was awe-inspiring and all-powerful who created her through the Holy Spirit. Thus, she is the Holy Mother of Church who intercedes for us all the time. 

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