Friday, May 31, 2013

Laetare et exsulta in omni corde (Zep 3:15).

Be glad and exult with all your heart.

Christian is to be happy because every moment he receives the grace of God. Like the Blessed Mary who conceived thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit. For that reason, each of us ought to rejoice and be thankful to the Lord. Since everyone takes more from God than gives. Everyday each man is being granted many blessings so that he can live and fulfill his vocation. It happens because the divine grace works in human hearts all the time. Thus, a child of God should neither worry nor fear. Since a mighty Saviour is on the Christian side and always guards him through the holy angels. For God created men in order that they may be glad and obtain the eternal happiness. Overall, the disciples of Christ are to love one another and to follow the example of their Master. As a result, they will sing joyfully at present and afterwards in the heavenly kingdom with all saints and angels.

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