Thursday, May 9, 2013

Et iterum modicum (Jn 16:17).

A little while later.

Our life on the earth lasts only a little while. Even though we seem to have a lot of time, it passes away very quickly and any moment we may see our God face to face. Nonetheless, we are not used to meditate on such things which are strange for us. Obviously, we ask many questions, but we are not able to answer them on our own. We also do not understand the Gospel and its truths. Therefore, we look for some explanation and find it in Jesus Christ. For he is the one who showed us the way to truth and life. Moreover, he did wondrous deeds and won victory over death. He made his salvation known to us and revealed his justice. From him we learn kindness and faithfulness towards God and other people. We are thankful waiting for the meeting with him in the heavenly kingdom. Meanwhile, we are going and preaching to all people that the Lord is always with us until the end of the world. 

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