Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nos dimisimus omnia (Mk 10:28).

We have given up everything.

God is everything for me. Therefore I need nothing. However, I sometimes forget about it and long for many things. That is a reason I am often unhappy and unsatisfied. Although I know I have given up earthly matters to follow Jesus, I come back to human thinking. I would like to replace the spiritual need with the natural thirst for pleasure. But there is no sense in such endeavours. For I am not able to find anything on the earth what would satisfy my soul desire. On the contrary, my heart can be at ease only in God. Furthermore, when I am with the Lord neither persecutions nor any other troubles may destroy the inner peace of mine. Accordingly I am sure that I walk the right path to the eternal life. As a result, I am not afraid that anything wrong happens to me. Since being upright I am granted the securing power of God.

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