Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Evangelizatum est (Ga 1:11)

The relationship with Jesus should arise from the consideration of the Gospel. No one else is able to substitute this relationship. You cannot also learn it from the religious books or catechism. The friendship with Christ deepens gradually, day by day, by carefully considering his words contained in the Scriptures. Therefore you need zeal and openness for the gentle puff of the Holy Spirit. You cannot be Jesus Christ's friend and at the same time reject others or persecute them.
A good relationship with Lord is a great gift of God's grace and mercy. Overall, it is he who calls you to the intimate friendship and to fulfill the will of God. The one who abides in good relationship with his Master, should also bear witness to all those who are far from God.
A friend of Christ, that’s to say Christian, follows the inspirations that he hears in his heart and does everything the Holy Spirit calls him for. Deepening the life of prayer and participating in the life of the community of the Church, the Christian is constantly growing spiritually and shares the Gospel’s truth with their neighbors.