Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vocatus per voluntatem Dei (1 Cor 1:1).

Called by the will of God.

Christ has chosen us to be sanctified. Consequently, there are various vocations to fulfill his wish. However, nobody can become holy without the grace of God. For that reason every day we need to call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and ask him to make us worthy of the heavenly gifts. Since our hearts have been created in order to attain these divine graces. Thus, human beings do desire peace and happiness which come from above. Also we comprehend that our longings are satisfied and fully enriched only by our Beloved Jesus Christ. It is he who keeps preaching us through his gospel and sacraments. Accordingly, we are confirmed and the spriritual gifts are bestowed on us. We come closer and closer to the revelation of the divine wisdom. We are strengthened and able to stand firm to the end of our life. For by his grace we become irreproachable and faithful to the God's commendments. As a result, the beautiful songs come out from our mouth. In such a way we thank and praise our Lord for all his blessings forever and ever. Amen.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ego dedi te hodie in civitatem munitam (Jer 1:18).

I have made you a fortified city.

If you listen to the words of God carefully, you become stronger and stronger. His word makes you a fortified city which cannot be destroyed by any human words or deeds. Because it is your God who acts and creates all that he speaks. Often you are scared or distressed and it means that you depend on your own thoughts and ideas. And in this case you feel insecure and weak. But if you trust in God's word totally, nobody and nothing will be able to prevail over you. Since God assures you that he is always with you to deliver you from evil. Therefore, I glorify and praise my God for all moments of my life when he was my refuge. I am secure for he is my rock and fortress where I can always find my shelter. Although there are many difficulties and troubles, I do hope and place my trust in him. Further, I proclaim his wondrous deeds and try to be his witness. In addition, I am not afraid of people who are againts my God and his commandments. For I know that their plans will not come into effect. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oramus semper pro vobis (2 Thes 1:11).

We always pray for you.

We have many friends who keep praying for us and also we remember them in our own prayers. In this way we encourage each other and make progress in sacnctity. Because strong faith is a source of many miracles and blessings, so we ought to pray very often and come closer to God. Consequently, if we are in good relationship with God, we can help others the most. In addition, with faith in our hearts we are able to endure all difficulties and become examples for people who are in various kinds of troubles. Having received the grace from Heaven we are to announce it among our friends and family members. Doing so we bear witness of God's presence in our daily life. And God the Father is worthy of praise and of giving him thanks all the time. Since he takes care of us and gives us the Spirit of life. Overall, it is a great pity that so many people neither pay homage nor even believe in his Providence over the whole world. It would be much better if all children of God were grateful and kept his instructions in their lives.  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Subiecti invicem in timore Christi (Eph 5:21).

Be subordinate out of reverence for Christ.

 To be obedient is not an easy thing to do. Nonetheless, Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother gave us and examples of obedience in their lives. Mary was subordinate when she heard the voice of the angel and her Son was obedient to the point of his cross. They supported and encouraged one another. Thus the Son was strong because he had a faithful Mother. And his Mother could survive many hardships because her Son went ahead of her and had suffered a lot. Similarly, each of us is called to be obedient and as a result strong in one's life. The reason is that all of us have our God who guides and loves us very much. Furthermore, he is always ready to offer himself over for us in every eucharist and to cleanse us with his holy words of reconciliation. Consequently, we are supposed to present ourselves in splendor and divine might. For we are able to become holy and without any blemish. As obedient children of God we are invited to participate in the Kingdom of Heaven yet on the earth.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Veni et vide (Jn 1:46).

Come and see.

We have many friends who help us in the various moments of our life. Also we have to make difficult decisions and very often we need their help. However, some situations are too complicated and nobody can resolve them. In these cases we depend on somebody else who came from heaven - on Jesus Christ. As our best friend he knows us very well and is able to look into our hearts. For this reason we cannot hide anything from him. Furthermore, each of us has a deep desire to meet him and be taught by him. Because he sees everything what is hidden from the sight of human beings. And each of his words has the power to make great things and miracles. Therefore, being in friendship with Jesus is so necessary and good. Since he turns our eyes from the earth to heaven and attracts our attention to the matters which are really important. Moreover, with his support we come closer in the relationship with God. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cum sanctificatus fuero in vobis (Ez 26:23).

I prove my holiness through you.

God is present in the world through his people. So each of us can be a channel of his grace to others. However, lots of people forget about that and they are not the signs of their Creator. Moreover, there are even Christians who are not witnesses of Jesus Christ at all. For these reasons, mamy people do not believe in God or live as there was no God. Therefore, believers who have strong faith are needed. Such women and men who will go and give testimony of God's presence in their life. Such individuals who have experienced that God had chosen them from among the people and sent them to the world. They were cleansed with the spiritual water from their impurities and sins. They have received a new heart and a new spirit to be similar to their God. Consequently, they live according to his statutes and decrees. Furthermore, they indeed are God's children in every action and in every moment of their lives. And such children God wants to have.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dominus pascit me (Ps 23:1).

The Lord is my shepherd.

In our life we need a leader. It means someone who will show us what is important and what we should do. Since very often we do not know exactly what we are supposed to do. And there are many different groups and people who would like to lead us. Some of them have their own interest doing so. However, there is one Leader who wants to be called our Shepherd. He is Jesus Christ who came on the earth to sacrifice himself for us. Living on our earth he became our Friend whom we can trust. He promised that he would show us the right path trough our life. If we follow him, we will visit such places which refresh our souls. With him we are always safe and we are not afraid even if we walk in the dark valley. For he goes before us with his rod and staff of God's commandments. When we keep all of them, we are courageous. Moreover, we can enjoy at his table of the holy sacraments where we receive necessary graces and blessings. Strengthened by his divine power we are able to change ourselves to be like him. Accordingly, goodness and kindness follow us all the days of our life. And finally we shall dwell in the kingdom of our Lord in the heaven. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Intrare in regnum Dei (Mt 19:24).

To enter the kingdom of heaven.

All of us know that it is rather hard to enter the heaven. Since we need to overcome many hardships and difficulties before we abide in there. Moreover, we have many things and friends who are important for us. And it is always unpleasant to leave them all in the moment of death. Perhaps it is easier for animals to pass away, because they do not realize what they are losing. But, we human beings do. So we are to learn from the world of nature as Jesus taught us. Many times he used the examples taken from the flora and fauna. Thus, his disciples often were really astonished, because they would have never thought like that. Similar to us, they had many questions and tried to find the answers. But they were too limited to do it on their own. For that reason, Jesus has always given them support and promised them the reward of eternal life. In such a way he changed their point of view not to be focused just on the earthly matters. They were surprised that it was possible to raise their minds up and to perceive other realities which were waiting for them in the kingdom of heaven.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Si vis perfectus esse (Mt 19:21).

If you wish to be perfect.

There is a deep desire in the human heart to approach Jesus and to speak with him. We would like to ask him many questions about our present and future life. And he is very patient with answering to our problems. Sometimes he wants to encourage us to search for the answers on our own. When we ask ourselves, we also find some explanation deeply in our own mind. Although we are able to discover some misteries of our faith, yet still there are things hidden from our sight. Therefore, again and again we come back to Jesus asking him for help. In this case, he puts before our eyes some of the treasures we would like to find. Moreover, he points out to the Bible and the God's commandments where the foundations are laid. Even though we have already known them, yet with the Spirit of Jesus we can discover more and more. Since the Holy Spirit strengthens us and clarifies everything for us. We find rest and peace if we follow its advice and fulfill the God's will. However, we often are not eager to be obedient, but we prefer to live in our own way. Subsequently, we become sad and restless, because we cannot find happiness on our own account. So help us, o Lord, follow you in our daily life in order to be holy as you are holy.   

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Et ornavi te ornamento (Ez 16:11).

I adorned you with jewelry.

I am a poor man because I have made many mistakes in my life. Nevertheless you, my Lord, come to me and bathe me with water of reconciliation. You wash away all my sins. Moreover, you anoint me with oil of your holy sacraments. You clothe me with the abundance of grace. In addition, you put sandals on my feet to be your apostle and witness. Also you give me special gifts to preach the Gospel and to heal diseases among people. I am not worthy to receive so many treasures from you. But you do not mind that I have been a naughty child. Again and again you strengthen me from above. You make me look marvellous and cleanse my heart. Furthermore, you want me to become perfect and be worthy of being called the King's son. As a result I am strong with your blessings and enriched with divine splendor. Please, my Lord, do not let me ever go away from you. Because without your support I will be as fragile as a baby child. Accept me as your prodigal son and I will keep your covenant forever.     

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ego portentum vestrum (Ez 12:10).

I am a sign for you.

God wants me to be a sign for others. He invites me and speaks to me through the Scripture every day. He gives me strict orders and makes me fulfill his will. Therefore each of my deeds should be done in holiness and in accordance with God's word. Obviously, it is not an easy task, but my Lord supports me with his strength and assures me that I am able to do it. Usually, people do not care about the God's witnesses but nonetheless I cannot give up to be one of them. It is my vocation and I find happiness following my Master in every moment of my life. People can ignore me and even harm me, but I do not worry. On the contrary, I prepare my baggage putting inside every word of my God. As an exile in the world I walk among the people and try to do my best. I shoulder the burden of difficulties and everyday problems in order to imitate my King who died on the cross. I cover my face if I make mistake and quickly stand up if  I fall down. O my God, help me to listen to your words carefully and always fulfill your holy will.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mulier amicta sole (Rev 12:1).

A woman clothed with the sun.

We all have the Mother in Heaven. She takes care of us her children all the time. Moreover, she is also the Queen of the Kingdom of God. The first woman who was taken with soul and body to the Heaven. Her life was so illustrious that now she enjoys the happiness and reward of eternal life with God. She gave birth to the God's Son who came to the world to redeem us. With faith she received the angel's message and fulfiled it in her whole life. However, as it was in the past and happens nowadays some people inspired by evil spirits do not want to accept her to be their Blessed Mother. Being in the opposition to the Mother they reject the Good News brought by her Son. And on the world the fight between good and evil lasts without end. But the humble woman is strong enoght with the divine power to win despite many attacks of the devil. Today we pay homage to give her thanks for all she is doing for us, especially for being our Beloved Mother.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Audi, quaecumque loquor ad te (Ez 2:8).

Obey me when I speak to you.

To be obedient to the will of God is the best choice we can do. This divine will is hidden in the Scripture. And only thing we should do is to open ourselves for it. God's words are placed before our eyes and we just ought to read them. We are to open the Bible and start reading. There are different kinds of information which we need the most. There is something to comfort us when we are depressed or restless. There is something else when we are waiting for advice or explanation. But obviously it is impossible to find these messages if we do not open the holy book. However, if we have already understood the God's message, we are supposed to share it with others. Because it is very important not to keep it in secret. Usually God's words are so strong that they have influence on the whole world. Therefore, after receiving the light from God we are invited to become the lights for the world too. Since the God's word written in the Scriptures has power to change not only our own life but also our friends, relatives and all people in need. Accordingly, let us obey the will of God and share it with one another continuously.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Magnificentia eius super (Ps 148:13).

His majesty is above.

There are many reasons to praise our God. For heaven and earth are filled with his glory. Also our life is full of the signs of his presence. Therefore all creatures are supposed to praise their Creator. And it is a great pity that some people do not want to give him homage nor to think about him. After all each moment of our life when we forget about him is being lost. Since our life totally depends on his grace. Accordingly, it is wisdom to live in awareness of being in the hands of God. And we are similar to children who disdain their parents when we show disrespect to our God. For without him everything looses its colours and sense. Furthermore, there is no beginning nor happy ending without our Father from Heaven. And it is difficult to live in the world with no God too. On the contrary, if we know that we are always in God's hands, our life is safe and we have a clear future before our eyes. So let us live in God's presence all the time.   

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sufficit mihi, Domine! (1 Kgs 19:4).

This is enough, o Lord!

Each of us has bad days in his life. And sometimes we are so exhausted that we would rather die than live. In these cases it is good if we still remember our Lord and try to think of him. It always brings us support and strength. For God's grace is coming down from heaven like rain for a dry land. Our Father sends us his apostles and angels to help in our difficult circumstances. However, we often do not want any help and reject them. We would like to live or die not depending on others. Nonetheless, God does not finish to send us his signs of love and mercy. Again and again he comes to us in various situations touching us and suggesting not to give up. Moreover, he has a special and terrific plan for each person. Since he created us for happiness and goodness. It only depends on us if we accept his invitation and follow him. For sure with his blessing we are able to do great things. Strengthened at the table of Eucharist we can walk through our whole life and one day meet God on his holy mountain.    

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Homines quasi pisces maris (Hb 1:14).

Men like the fish of the sea.

We are very small as human beings in a comparison with our God. Since we are mortal and he is immortal; we are weak, he strong. In addition, we are engaged in evil deeds and God is entirely good. We are impatient and he is very slow to become angry. From these reasons we are supposed to listen to him carefully and to fulfil his will. God pleases to speak with us and gives us his advise in the Scriptures where his messages are placed. Sometimes we only have to wait and open our minds to receive the divine light. Obviously, the faith is needed to interprete the words of God correctly. In the Holy Bible we can get to know that God judges the world with justice and governs the peoples with equity. Furthermore, he never forsakes those who seek him. On the contrary, he is always a stronghold for the oppressed and in times of distress. Therefore, it is very good to be the fish in the God's sea which is the world.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In caritate perpetua dilexi te (Jer 31:3).

With age-old love I loved you.

God is full of love and he wants to share his love with us. However, not everyone is open enough to receive it. For that reason God again and again tries to speak to human hearts about his divine love. Moreover, he reminds us all events from our past which prove how much he cares for us. Accordingly, he accompanies us especially in the most difficult moments of our life and in such a way assures us that his love is with us all the time. It should encourage us, restore us and rebuild our integrity. Subsequently, we become joyful, peaceful and loving as well. Having known that we regain our strength to live a beautiful life. With his divine energy and blessing we are able to do everything. We can do these things because we feel he is at hand and guards us as a shepherd his flock. In addition, God can do much more we could imagine. In his power is also to ransom our guilts and redeem us even if we have fallen many times. In this in mind let us come streaming to the Lord's blessing. As a result we will rejoice, our mourning will change into joy and we will be consoled after our sorrows.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ducit illos in montem excelsum seorsum solos (Mk 9:2).

Led them up a high mountain apart by themselves.

Jesus invites us and takes us apart from the world. In such a way, he wants to make us his special friends and to teach us his mysteries. It cannot be done quickly or in a hurry but it takes time. For that reason, first he leads us out of the world of noise and earthen matters. Far from our daily routine and circumstances, he shows us the splendor of nature and his miracles. There in his divine presence we also can be transformed. First of all our thinking and attitude toward life. And it is always good for us to let him change our mind. However, it is impossible here on the earth to abide in such an exultation all the time. We can only use these moments of silence and inner peace to open our heart for his will. Afterwards we are invited to follow his instructions to live a happy and peaceful life. Furthermore, we can keep this experience and be witnesses for others.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ecce ego pluam vobis panes de caelo (Ex 16:4).

I will rain down bread from heaven for you.

We very often grumble against our God that he does not act as we would like him to do. In our opinion he is supposed to react in a different way. However, it is only our own point of view. Moreover, we do not see the whole universe and all problems of the world. We are just focused on ours circumstances. Nonetheless, God is not angry with us. On the contrary, he says he is going to give us everything we need. His goodness will support us and satisfy all our desires. The only condition is to follow all his instructions. And there is a problem for us. Because on the one hand we would like to receive all his blessings, but on the other we would prefer to live in accordance with our own plans and schedules. But it is rather impossible. Therefore, it is very important to follow God's commandments and to resign our own ideas which are in opposition to his will. Since God is waiting to help us and it does depend on us whether we accept his grace or decide to live by our own.