Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dominus pascit me (Ps 23:1).

The Lord is my shepherd.

In our life we need a leader. It means someone who will show us what is important and what we should do. Since very often we do not know exactly what we are supposed to do. And there are many different groups and people who would like to lead us. Some of them have their own interest doing so. However, there is one Leader who wants to be called our Shepherd. He is Jesus Christ who came on the earth to sacrifice himself for us. Living on our earth he became our Friend whom we can trust. He promised that he would show us the right path trough our life. If we follow him, we will visit such places which refresh our souls. With him we are always safe and we are not afraid even if we walk in the dark valley. For he goes before us with his rod and staff of God's commandments. When we keep all of them, we are courageous. Moreover, we can enjoy at his table of the holy sacraments where we receive necessary graces and blessings. Strengthened by his divine power we are able to change ourselves to be like him. Accordingly, goodness and kindness follow us all the days of our life. And finally we shall dwell in the kingdom of our Lord in the heaven. 

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