Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ego dedi te hodie in civitatem munitam (Jer 1:18).

I have made you a fortified city.

If you listen to the words of God carefully, you become stronger and stronger. His word makes you a fortified city which cannot be destroyed by any human words or deeds. Because it is your God who acts and creates all that he speaks. Often you are scared or distressed and it means that you depend on your own thoughts and ideas. And in this case you feel insecure and weak. But if you trust in God's word totally, nobody and nothing will be able to prevail over you. Since God assures you that he is always with you to deliver you from evil. Therefore, I glorify and praise my God for all moments of my life when he was my refuge. I am secure for he is my rock and fortress where I can always find my shelter. Although there are many difficulties and troubles, I do hope and place my trust in him. Further, I proclaim his wondrous deeds and try to be his witness. In addition, I am not afraid of people who are againts my God and his commandments. For I know that their plans will not come into effect. 

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