Monday, August 27, 2012

Oramus semper pro vobis (2 Thes 1:11).

We always pray for you.

We have many friends who keep praying for us and also we remember them in our own prayers. In this way we encourage each other and make progress in sacnctity. Because strong faith is a source of many miracles and blessings, so we ought to pray very often and come closer to God. Consequently, if we are in good relationship with God, we can help others the most. In addition, with faith in our hearts we are able to endure all difficulties and become examples for people who are in various kinds of troubles. Having received the grace from Heaven we are to announce it among our friends and family members. Doing so we bear witness of God's presence in our daily life. And God the Father is worthy of praise and of giving him thanks all the time. Since he takes care of us and gives us the Spirit of life. Overall, it is a great pity that so many people neither pay homage nor even believe in his Providence over the whole world. It would be much better if all children of God were grateful and kept his instructions in their lives.  

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