Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sufficit mihi, Domine! (1 Kgs 19:4).

This is enough, o Lord!

Each of us has bad days in his life. And sometimes we are so exhausted that we would rather die than live. In these cases it is good if we still remember our Lord and try to think of him. It always brings us support and strength. For God's grace is coming down from heaven like rain for a dry land. Our Father sends us his apostles and angels to help in our difficult circumstances. However, we often do not want any help and reject them. We would like to live or die not depending on others. Nonetheless, God does not finish to send us his signs of love and mercy. Again and again he comes to us in various situations touching us and suggesting not to give up. Moreover, he has a special and terrific plan for each person. Since he created us for happiness and goodness. It only depends on us if we accept his invitation and follow him. For sure with his blessing we are able to do great things. Strengthened at the table of Eucharist we can walk through our whole life and one day meet God on his holy mountain.    

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