Monday, August 13, 2012

Magnificentia eius super (Ps 148:13).

His majesty is above.

There are many reasons to praise our God. For heaven and earth are filled with his glory. Also our life is full of the signs of his presence. Therefore all creatures are supposed to praise their Creator. And it is a great pity that some people do not want to give him homage nor to think about him. After all each moment of our life when we forget about him is being lost. Since our life totally depends on his grace. Accordingly, it is wisdom to live in awareness of being in the hands of God. And we are similar to children who disdain their parents when we show disrespect to our God. For without him everything looses its colours and sense. Furthermore, there is no beginning nor happy ending without our Father from Heaven. And it is difficult to live in the world with no God too. On the contrary, if we know that we are always in God's hands, our life is safe and we have a clear future before our eyes. So let us live in God's presence all the time.   

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