Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In caritate perpetua dilexi te (Jer 31:3).

With age-old love I loved you.

God is full of love and he wants to share his love with us. However, not everyone is open enough to receive it. For that reason God again and again tries to speak to human hearts about his divine love. Moreover, he reminds us all events from our past which prove how much he cares for us. Accordingly, he accompanies us especially in the most difficult moments of our life and in such a way assures us that his love is with us all the time. It should encourage us, restore us and rebuild our integrity. Subsequently, we become joyful, peaceful and loving as well. Having known that we regain our strength to live a beautiful life. With his divine energy and blessing we are able to do everything. We can do these things because we feel he is at hand and guards us as a shepherd his flock. In addition, God can do much more we could imagine. In his power is also to ransom our guilts and redeem us even if we have fallen many times. In this in mind let us come streaming to the Lord's blessing. As a result we will rejoice, our mourning will change into joy and we will be consoled after our sorrows.

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