Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Audi, quaecumque loquor ad te (Ez 2:8).

Obey me when I speak to you.

To be obedient to the will of God is the best choice we can do. This divine will is hidden in the Scripture. And only thing we should do is to open ourselves for it. God's words are placed before our eyes and we just ought to read them. We are to open the Bible and start reading. There are different kinds of information which we need the most. There is something to comfort us when we are depressed or restless. There is something else when we are waiting for advice or explanation. But obviously it is impossible to find these messages if we do not open the holy book. However, if we have already understood the God's message, we are supposed to share it with others. Because it is very important not to keep it in secret. Usually God's words are so strong that they have influence on the whole world. Therefore, after receiving the light from God we are invited to become the lights for the world too. Since the God's word written in the Scriptures has power to change not only our own life but also our friends, relatives and all people in need. Accordingly, let us obey the will of God and share it with one another continuously.  

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