Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ego portentum vestrum (Ez 12:10).

I am a sign for you.

God wants me to be a sign for others. He invites me and speaks to me through the Scripture every day. He gives me strict orders and makes me fulfill his will. Therefore each of my deeds should be done in holiness and in accordance with God's word. Obviously, it is not an easy task, but my Lord supports me with his strength and assures me that I am able to do it. Usually, people do not care about the God's witnesses but nonetheless I cannot give up to be one of them. It is my vocation and I find happiness following my Master in every moment of my life. People can ignore me and even harm me, but I do not worry. On the contrary, I prepare my baggage putting inside every word of my God. As an exile in the world I walk among the people and try to do my best. I shoulder the burden of difficulties and everyday problems in order to imitate my King who died on the cross. I cover my face if I make mistake and quickly stand up if  I fall down. O my God, help me to listen to your words carefully and always fulfill your holy will.  

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