Saturday, August 11, 2012

Homines quasi pisces maris (Hb 1:14).

Men like the fish of the sea.

We are very small as human beings in a comparison with our God. Since we are mortal and he is immortal; we are weak, he strong. In addition, we are engaged in evil deeds and God is entirely good. We are impatient and he is very slow to become angry. From these reasons we are supposed to listen to him carefully and to fulfil his will. God pleases to speak with us and gives us his advise in the Scriptures where his messages are placed. Sometimes we only have to wait and open our minds to receive the divine light. Obviously, the faith is needed to interprete the words of God correctly. In the Holy Bible we can get to know that God judges the world with justice and governs the peoples with equity. Furthermore, he never forsakes those who seek him. On the contrary, he is always a stronghold for the oppressed and in times of distress. Therefore, it is very good to be the fish in the God's sea which is the world.  

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