Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ecce ego pluam vobis panes de caelo (Ex 16:4).

I will rain down bread from heaven for you.

We very often grumble against our God that he does not act as we would like him to do. In our opinion he is supposed to react in a different way. However, it is only our own point of view. Moreover, we do not see the whole universe and all problems of the world. We are just focused on ours circumstances. Nonetheless, God is not angry with us. On the contrary, he says he is going to give us everything we need. His goodness will support us and satisfy all our desires. The only condition is to follow all his instructions. And there is a problem for us. Because on the one hand we would like to receive all his blessings, but on the other we would prefer to live in accordance with our own plans and schedules. But it is rather impossible. Therefore, it is very important to follow God's commandments and to resign our own ideas which are in opposition to his will. Since God is waiting to help us and it does depend on us whether we accept his grace or decide to live by our own.

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