Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mysteria regni caelorum (Mt 13:11).

Knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

We need to approach Jesus to discover the hidden knowlegde of the mysteries. For there are many things which are closed before our minds and only God can explain them to us. But we cannot force him to do that. It is freely granted as a gift from the Beloved Father. Further, the wisdom of God is so great that every day we are invited to take something more and more for ourselves. And Jesus in his holy sacraments and through the Scripture makes us holier all the time. As a result we become owners of the divine treasures. However, there are still many people whose eyes and hearts do not want to receive his blessings. Such individuals are very poor because they neither have experienced the true meaning of life nor delighted in the communion with God. Nevertheless, we ought to be thankful to Jesus Christ for all he has done through his passion and cross. Since by his message we are able to participate in the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.

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