Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ne ergo timueritis (Mt 10:26).

Do not be afraid.

There are many problems in our life and they make us distressed. Therefore Jesus teaches and encourages us how to overcome them. He invites us to follow his example. It means that we should pray and hope in God's providence over the whole world and our life. Thus we are to be afraid neither of people nor any difficult circumstances. On the contrary we always ought to be winners with the divine grace. The reason is that actually nothing is able to disturb our inner peace if we do believe in God and his help which never ends. Neither darkness, nor pain, nor any problem can take control over us if we are certain that we belong to our God who is our Lord. Furthermore, God is our Creator who is able to give life or destroy it. The only thing we should do in this situation is to acknowledge that he is the Lord of our life indeed. As a result we are supposed to live our life like Christ when he was in the world. In such a way we do not have to be afraid of anything but with faith go through everything what happens to us.  

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