Monday, July 23, 2012

Contende iudicio coram montibus (Mi 6:1).

Present your plea before the mountains.

We are invited to pray to God and to admire the beautiful nature. The reason is that the Creator of the flora and fauna is hidden in his creation. Also he is listening to us in the burble of the trees and in the singing of the birds. Since he is present around us and very close at hand. He is talking with us in this way because it can be perceived by us. However, we still are to learn how to pay attention to the voice of God. For too often our senses are closed and do not try to discover the deeper meaning of the universe. Therefore, God is worried this our attitude. He would like to keep a good relationship with his children, but they seem not to be interested at all. Moreover, every day he speaks directly to our minds by the Scripture. He shouts loudly and it has no effect. In addition, he makes miracles during every sacrament and touches us tenderly. But we do not want to feel his fatherly love. As a result how much does he have to suffer?

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