Saturday, July 14, 2012

Munda me, Deus! (Ps 51:4)

Cleanse me, O God!

We, poor people, need God's mercy again and again. For that reason we cry to him and ask him for compassion. Thus we count on his goodness and kindness. We beg him to wash us thoroughly from our guilt and of our sins. And he, our beloved Father, is pleased with sincerity of such a prayer flowing from our hearts. As a result he teaches us wisdom in our inmost being. Moreover, he cleanses us of every sin and purifies our soul. In addition, he gives us much more that we deserve. After that we experience his divine strength in our clean heart. Further, we are able to go into his mighty presence and feel the power of the Holy Spirit working in us. With his help we become joyful and peaceful because our spirit, too, is sustained in us. Therefore, we start singing and giving thanks to God that he has shown us such great love.

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