Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sicut elegit nos in ipso (Eph 1:4).

He chose us in him.

We should bless the Lord because he has blessed us. As a result we participate in every spiritual blessing already here on earth and later in the heavens. In addition, we had been chosen before the universe was created. And it shows our dignity and importance of every human being. Also we are called to be holy as holy is our God. First of all, we are supposed to follow his example of love towards all creatures. This love was an inspiration for him and led him to the cross. Through his cross Jesus Christ showed us how much he loves us. Moreover, he taught us the wisdom  of the cross which is still a mystery of God's will. But at the same time it is the source of divine graces and blessings. Since the cross is both the end of the earthly life and the beginning of the everlasting life. There everything is summed up and takes its sense and purpose for the praise of God's glory.   

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