Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deus fundavit civitatem suam in aeternum (Ps 48:9).

God upholds his city for ever.

God supports us all the time and from his grace we have everything. He sends us his blessing to make us happy and peaceful. Therefore, we are to praise our God and Father and to give him thanks for he does not abandon us. Further, God lives among us as our stronghold and for that reason we are not afraid. With his strength we can overcome all troubles and difficulties in our life. On the contrary, those who do not trust in God are always distressed. The reason is that they are not able to control their life. Thus they are restless and do not know how to manage all things. When problems come, they fall down because they are too weak to arise. But we do trust in God's words and we let him lead us through everything. Moreover, each day we try to do our best following Jesus and putting our trust in him.  

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