Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ego mitto te (Ez 2:3)

I am sending you ...

Jesus choses us to be his disciples and apostles to the world. For that reason he does not let us be alone nor without any support, but strengthens us with his Holy Spirit and preaches us through the Bible. Thus we only need to tune our senses to his voice. However, there are also many people who do not listen to him. On the contrary, they choose their own way of life and do not care about his commands. Furthermore, they rebel against him and even revolt frequently. We can be similar to them if we keep our ears and eyes close to his messages. But our vocation is to fix our mind and heart on the Lord and to plead for his mercy. In addition, we are to be like his servants who are always ready to fulfill God's will. Accordingly, if we do realize how weak we are, his divine grace makes us perfect in our weaknesses. Since the power of Christ is unlimited and he is able to transform everything into good. In such a way we become his followers indeed. Keeping in mind that we are just human beings and at the same time aware of enormous spiritual strength which abides in us, we can go to others preaching the Good News and giving an example how to live christian life fully.   

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