Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sicut oves non habentes pastorem (Mt 9:36)

Like sheep without a sphebpherd.

Our mouth are often closed and we do not know what we should speak during our prayer. Therefore, we need divine grace to be transformed into God's disciples. Furthermore, we long to be touched by Jesus' healing power and as a result to begin our conversation with him. Having experienced his miracle in our own life we are amazed, because nothing could have similar effect on our spiritual condition. Obviously, some of us will hesitate and think that it is impossible. In their opinion Jeses does not have authority over people at all. But it is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, he is really present in every moment of our life. He keeps teaching in our churches and proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. Moreover, he eagerly cures every diseases and illness of our life. Since his heart is always moved with pity for us. He does know how fragile we are and troubled, and abandoned. Accordingly, he takes care of us as a good shepherd of his sheep.

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