Thursday, July 12, 2012

Qui elevant infantem ad maxillas suas (Hos 11:4)

One who raises an infant to his cheeks.

God is our Father and Mother at the same time. He is full of compassion, but also of justice. He takes care of us from our birth until the last day of our life. He keeps calling us every day to follow his decrees and ordinances. For he is pleased with us. However, we are still like immature teenagers who think that they already know everything. The truth is that we do not want to acknowledge that we need his help. And for that reason we try to walk by our own through life and very often we fall down. Meanwhile God is waiting for us with his open arms and heart. He draws us with bands of love as a mother holding her child to her breasts. But we are similar to blind people who cannot recognize their Benefactor. Like the hungry who receive their food but do not know from Whom. Like the sick who are not able to find their Healer. Therefore, it is a God's trouble that we are so ungrateful and limited creatures. Nonetheless, he does not reject us nor withhold his blessings. Because he know very well that we cannot live without him.

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