Friday, July 6, 2012

Viam veritatis elegi (Ps 119:30)

The way of truth I have chosen.

Jesus accompanies us every day and calls us by name. However, we are  involved too much in our daily chores that we do not realize it. He quietly speaks to our hearts and wants us to follow him in everything. But we usually do not obey his voice and prefer to listen to our own mind. Nonetheless, he keeps being with us, especially at the Holy Eucharist. Then he wishes us to open our hearts for him. He does not mind to see the whole truth about our life nor finds anything repulsive. On the contrary, with his mercy he comes to heal us and to give us his peace. In this way, he teaches us to be merciful and lenient with others. Therefore, our souls even more are to be consumed with longing for his ordinances at all time. Further, they are encouraged to seek his face and to hear his words. With such an attitude they will always go the way of truth.    

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